Our Digital Escape Room leaderboard

Our Chromebook roadshow visits include a fun, hands-on digital escape room activity for staff team building. We’ll keep track of your school’s best times and feature them on our national leaderboard below. Big prizes coming to the winning team!


Chromebook RoadshowLeaderboard

Dream Team Ralston Primary School 5:58minutes
Dream Team Barsail Primary School Team 1 7:00minutes
Dream Team Barsail Primary School Team 2 7:42minutes
Dream Team Chromebook Cuties (Kirklandneuk) 7:52minutes
Dream Team Allan Campbell 8:08minutes
Dream Team The Rhu Crew 8:17minutes
Dream Team Lighting Sunshine Stars 8:24minutes
Dream Team Winners 9:14minutes
Dream Team GSTK (Glencoats Primary) 9:17minutes
Dream Team Fordbank Superstars 9:32minutes
Dream Team The Glenluce Greats 9:43minutes
Dream Team Flaming Hot!!! 9:44minutes
Bridge of Weirdos Dream Team 9:48minutes
Bridge of Weirdos Bridge of Weirdos 10:03minutes
Bridge of Weirdos Gary Mowat 10:13minutes
Bridge of Weirdos The Winners!!! 10:44minutes
Bridge of Weirdos St Anthony's Primary School 10:48minutes
Bridge of Weirdos Team 1 11:38minutes
Bridge of Weirdos Team 2 11:40minutes
Team 5 Annabel Rodger 11:54minutes
Team 5 GWITC 11:58minutes
Team 5 Tigers (Glencoats Primary) 12:00minutes
Team 5 The Fab Four 12:08minutes
Team 5 Barsail Primary School Team 3 12:21minutes