Questions about the roadshow?

We’ve got answers.

How much does a visit to our school cost?

The visit is completely free! Just enquire through our form and we can set a date and book in your prep call.

How much space is needed?

A classroom will be fine, depending on how many members of staff are taking part. We can help you figure this out when you enquire.

What materials do the school need to provide?

Just bring your staff and we’ll take care of the rest. We will bring a set of 30 Chromebooks ( or more if required ) for the demo, and an internet connection if your school does not provide public wifi. All schools will have a prep call with the Chromebook team to make sure we are all clear on arrangements and requirements. 

What is the interactive Discovery Session?

After a short 5 minute presentation, we will lead your staff through a hands-on demo that will allow them to explore key features of Chromebooks that make them such a popular choice for education. We will bring devices for your staff and will setup everything we need to deliver an interactive session that allows for hands-on learning.

What is the Digital Escape Room?

The second part of your Chromebook Roadshow experience is a fun Digital Escape room. Lasting approximately 20 minutes, your staff will compete against other teams of Scottish educators and may feature on our leaderboard. The Escape Room activity tests their learning from the demo.

When is the Chromebook Team able to visit my school?

As soon as you let us know that you’re interested, we can start to get the ball rolling. We are flexible and we will work out a time that works for you.

Is the Chromebook Team able to visit during Inservice days?

Absolutely! Just let us know when you’d like the Roadshow to visit you and we will bring everything to you.

How long does the session last?

The session will last for approximately 1 hour. The Discovery demo accounts for 30 minutes and the escape room activity lasts 20 minutes, which gives some time at the end for Q&A and feedback. 

Will we be able to see a range of different Chromebooks?

Yes. As part of the Roadshow visit we will bring a variety of different devices and form factors. Some of these devices will have touch screens and styluses. We will also setup an exhibition area where educators will be able to explore Chromebooks as equitable devices for creativity, entertainment and gaming. 

How will COVID-19 restrictions affect my Chromebook Team visit?

We strictly follow up-to-date guidance, and we will make sure that everyone feels safe. If circumstances change, we will remain as flexible as possible and rearrange everything to suit your schedule. If you have a special request, just let us know!